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Dr. Parvin Mani of San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic provides beauty and skin care solutions for both men and women. Centrally located in San Diego near the 8 freeway, the office is dedicated to top-quality cosmetic services and treatments at competitively low prices. All treatments, surgeries, injections, and consultations are done by the doctor herself. Services offered include: Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restalyne, laser hair removal, Fraxel skin resurfacing, Sclerotherapy (for spider and varicose veins), Thermage, skin tightening, cellulite treatments, labioplasty, and much more. Dr. Mani’s excellent care, coupled with knowledgeable staff members, makes our office one of the leading skincare and medical providers in San Diego. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you!

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