5 Things To Know About Recovering From Vaginoplasty

Xeomin is a great new cosmetic filler that is growing in popularity across the United States. It is a safe Botox alternative that can give you the results you’re after in no time.

What are Xeomin Injections?

The Xeomin treatment is similar to Botox in many ways. In fact, at its core it contains the same botulism toxin that freezes muscle movement as Botox. The biggest difference is that Xeomin is a purer form of the botulism toxin and comes without the extra proteins and enzymes that Botox contains.

Why Choose Xeomin Cosmetic Treaments over Botox?

If the two treatments have essentially the same ingredients, why choose one over the other? You’ve probably heard that over time your body becomes used to your Botox injections and the treatments do not last as long, or do not produce the same quality results.

Since Xeomin is a stronger version of Botox, it can be used when your Botox treatments are no longer giving you results you love. It is basically a step up in intensity. For this reason, most patients will not be recommended Xeomin if it is their first time having injections done. This is usually a more advanced treatment for those who have already undergone other procedures first.

How Much does Xeomin Cost?

You may be surprised to find that Xeomin is actually slightly less expensive than other filler options. This is because it is easier to make and easier for doctors to carry. It does not need to be refrigerated and since it is pure, it does not require the same mixing procedures as many other injectables.

The simplicity of this formula makes it cost effective. However, many doctors are quick to note that this doesn’t mean it should be your go-to treatment right off the bat. Cost should only be one factor when deciding which treatment is right for you.

Xeomin has actually been around for many years in the cosmetic surgery world, but it received less fanfare than Botox and Dysport thanks to marketing efforts by those brands. It is considered equally as effective as those big-name brands, but is often used once they have stopped working as strongly.

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