7 Surprising Uses of Botox

Most people have heard of Botox and know it has something to do with the field of medicine, but many aren’t quite sure what it is used for. In America, when a prescription drug is approved to treat a particular medical condition, the physician can also use the medicine to treat over medical issues if he or she deems it necessary. Many of the beneficial uses of Botox have been discovered by accident because doctors used it to treat one problem and found that it helped resolve other medical issues at the same time. Seven of the surprising uses of Botox include the following:

  1. Treating migraine headaches: One unexpected discovery of positive results from Botox was when a physician used it for its most popular reason, to relax facial muscles in order to smooth wrinkles. As a result, the patients who also suffered from chronic migraine headaches found that they experienced fewer migraines after the Botox injection. Nowadays, the drug is commonly used to treat chronic migraines. Typically, the patient receives 31 injections on his or her scalp and neck area. This provides relief from the debilitating headaches for approximately three months. Botox is FDA approved for treating this condition.
  2. Using the prescription drug to treat depression: Studies have shown that your face reflects your emotions. When Botox is injected into these particular facial muscles, the muscles can’t cause the individual to frown, grimace, or any other negative expression. Therefore, the effects of depression are minimized.
  3. Treating excessive sweating in the armpit area: This annoying, and embarrassing condition is called severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis. After receiving Botox injections in the armpit, hyperhidrosis sufferers experience less sweating for up to 24 months. Botox has the approval of the FDA for treatment of this medical issue.
  4. Botox is useful in treating an overactive bladder: There are several prescription drugs that can help with an overactive bladder, but when these medications fail, Botox is a viable option. It calms the nerves that overstimulate the bladder muscles. Overstimulation results in an urgency to urinate. This can cause the person to lose sleep because he or she needs to go to the bathroom several times a night, or it can result in urine leakage which is an annoying problem at any time. Botox is FDA approved for treating this condition
  5. Using Botox for strabismus: Botox has been used in correcting crossed eyes for over two decades and is often an alternative to surgical correction. Once a tiny amount of the medication is injected into the eye muscle, the paralyzed muscle relaxes and then overcorrects itself. This results in a better positioning of the eyeball. Botox is FDA approved for treating this condition.
  6. Treating severe spasms in the neck area: Severe neck spasms caused by cervical dystonia often dramatically improve with an injection of Botox in the neck muscles. This is because the medication blocks the nerve signals that cause the neck muscles to contract painfully. Botox has had FDA approved for treating this condition since 1989.
  7. Using it to help smooth the signs of aging: As mentioned above, Botox is best known for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles in the facial area. This is done via a dermal filler injection. The medication is injected into the muscles beneath the folds of the skin, lines, or wrinkles. This drug blocks the nerve signals to the area that cause the muscle to contract. Therefore, the muscles stay relaxed, and the skin has a smoother appearance. Botox is FDA approved for treating this condition.

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