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Dr. Mani’s office offers top quality cosmetic/medical services to provide clients with outstanding results, by utilizing state of the art equipment servicing both men and women. Dr. Mani’s excellent care, coupled with knowledgeable staff members, makes our office one of the leading skin care/medical providers in San Diego. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.

About Dr. Mani

After graduating from medical school in 1986, Dr. Mani completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Vanderbilt University. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology, member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), and member of international society of Cosmetogynecology.

awardDr. Mani is:

•         Pinnacle award winner for Thermage® skin tightening

•         Platinum award winner for Botox®

•         Platinum award winner for JUVÉDERM®

•         Platinum award winner for Restylane®

•         Platinum award winner for Restylane Lyft®

In 2001, Dr. Mani was diagnosed with breast cancer, which changed her life dramatically. She moved to San Diego to be closer to family, and she received aggressive treatments which thankfully were successful. The side effects of chemotherapy and hormone withdrawal opened her eyes to aesthetic issues facing all of us as we age. Her life experience and personal commitment to caring for patients helped form her personal philosophy of empathetic care with excellent results.

“Shortly after my breast cancer I started menopause. I found myself very tired and my face started showing signs of aging. I was determined to improve my skin and appearance. This was a true turning point for me, after which I started a journey of self-improvement. I conducted research on different methods that would safely improve my skin and overall appearance. Through many trials and testing, I was able to personally evaluate and determine the best treatments. These treatments I incorporate into my practice today. From personal experience, I know that I am not only delivering optimal skin results, but a boost of self-confidence as well. I believe in my methods because I try everything on myself before I offer these methods to my patients.”

Meet Our Staff



Gani S.

I started working with Dr. Mani in 2011 for about a year and six month after my husband and I moved out of the state to live in Germany for almost two years. I grew up in Germany and finished all my schooling in Duisburg. I’ve also worked for a couple of doctor’s offices there. Luckily, I got another position with Dr. Mani after I moved back to California in 2014. I love being in the medical field and enjoy working in Dr. Mani’s office.

 Alyssa S.

I graduated from Brightwood College as a medical assistant in June 2017. I started working for Dr. Mani immediately after I graduated. Working for Dr. Mani has been a wonderful experience. Dr. Mani does both gynecology and cosmetic, so I get to see the best of both worlds! I do want to go back to school in the future to become a RN and I believe Dr. Mani’s practice was the perfect experience to get my foot in the door.

Christine H.

I started working for Dr. Mani in July 2017 after graduating. As an aspiring healthcare professional, I’m lucky to be learning from such a compassionate, knowledgeable doctor. Dr. Mani always takes the time to make sure her patients and staff are well informed and I look forward to furthering my experience here.


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Bio Coming Soon