San Diego Cellulite Procedure by Thermage

Information on Cellulite Procedure by Thermage

Many people are concerned about cellulite and have tried diets and exercise and, perhaps, even various cellulite treatments without achieving satisfactory results.

For such patients, the Cellulite Procedure by Thermage can be their ideal solution. It can help smooth the surface of the skin and noticeably reduce the appearance of cellulite in just a single treatment.

The Cellulite Procedure by Thermage also can be used to help body contouring of the stomach, buttocks and thigh areas. This is all done without surgery and without liposuction.

Instead, the Cellulite Procedure by Thermage used the ThermaTip CL treatment tip to deeply heat the problem areas of your body. This helps rebuild collagen connective tissues and improves the blood flow to those tissues, thus smoothing the skin’s surface and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Please contact San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic to learn more about the Cellulite Procedure by Thermage. Dr. Parvin Mani has won multiple awards for her work and is experienced in the procedure. She performs the treatment herself at the clinic.

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