Asclera Procedure

Spider veins and reticular veins are conditions that often cause unsightly blood vessels to appear through the skin and especially prominent in the legs.

Years of working in an occupation that demands standing for long periods of time is often at fault for the appearance of spider veins. However, they can also be caused by heredity and a number of other factors.

The good news is that there's a simple therapy now available to treat the appearance of these veins and give you smoother, beautiful legs once more: Asclera. 

What is Asclera for Spider Veins? 

Asclera treatment for spider veins is an injectable treatment that is placed directly into the affected veins. The chemicals cause the vein to swell slightly, preventing additional blood flow down that particular branch of veins. As the blood flow stops, a clot is formed and that vein dies off. Your body naturally reabsorbs the vein tissue and it is no longer visible under your skin. 

Is Asclera Safe?

Stopping the blood flow to your spider veins may seem risky, but in reality this is a very low-risk procedure. It can be done in less than 30 minutes for most patients, and there is almost no recovery time. Your doctor may recommend compression socks, and will advise you not to exercise for two to three days after treatment.

The only side effects to date have been mild bruising at the injection site and itching. Some patients may have a minor allergic reaction to the chemical used in Asclera. 

How Much Does Asclera Cost?

Asclera is one of the most affordable spider vein treatments around today. It is also one of the most effective. Your doctor will give you a complete breakdown of the costs once you schedule a consultation.

For most patients, a single treatment will significantly improve the appearance of spider veins in the legs, but additional treatments may be spread out over several months to ensure complete removal of the offending veins. Fortunately, once the process is done, the results are permanent. 

This quick and simple treatment option has been used by thousands of women to regain confidence in their legs. Within days you could be back to wearing your favorite skirts and heels.

San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic

To learn more about Asclera and whether it can help you with spider veins, contact Dr. Parvin Mani today at San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic. She will be happy to discuss your symptoms with you and determine the best treatment path to achieve results.