Can Dermal Fillers Be Removed?

Dermal Fillers are an excellent way to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of age. This noninvasive and minor treatment smooths out your skin to get you looking younger and more beautiful. However, what if after the procedure you are unhappy with the results? If that is the case, a cosmetic medicine specialist can remove your dermal fillers.

Why Would I Want to Remove Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a great solution for most people, but in some cases the results are not exactly what they are looking for. There are a few different scenarios in which somebody would want to remove dermal fillers.

Overfilling Dermal Fillers

If you go to a qualified cosmetic medicine expert, this should never occur, but some less experienced doctors may overfill your dermal fillers. This can result in an unnatural look you will want to immediately reverse.

Uneven Filling

An uneven distribution of a dermal filler can lead to an asymmetrical face. Symmetry is one of the greatest signs of beauty in most cultures, so if dermal fillers cause asymmetry, you will want to get that fixed.

Allergic Reaction

In very rare cases, a patient may have an allergic reaction to the product, or the body may react poorly to dermal fillers. This can lead to prolonged swelling or lumpiness, and in some cases an infection.

The Patient Doesn’t Like Them

Sometimes, the patient may look in the mirror after getting dermal fillers and not like what they see. The injection could have gone flawlessly, but people just change their mind sometimes.

How Are Dermal Fillers Removed?

No matter the reason, dermal fillers can be removed. If lumpiness or asymmetry is the primary culprit, it is suggested to first try massaging the area to resolve the issue. If this does not work, then your cosmetic specialist will remove the dermal fillers using an enzyme called hyaluronidase. When the enzyme is injected into the area where the dermal filler was previously injected, the hyaluronidase dissolves the dermal fillers to correct most issues that can occur. While it can be difficult to specify exactly how much dermal filler the hyaluronidase should remove and it may not work with all fillers, it is a very effective method to remove most dermal fillers.

Avoid Dermal Filler Issues with an Expert

The best way to avoid any issues with a dermal filler is by only going to a dermal filler specialists. Going to a budget cosmetic shop or injecting yourself at home means you are opening your body up to a litany of potential issues. While there is a method to remove dermal fillers if an issue occurs, the best method to prevent any issues from occurring is by only going with certified dermal filler experts.

Dermal Filler Experts at San Diego Cosmetic Laser

San Diego Cosmetic Laser is the local dermal filler experts, with a staff of experienced and certified cosmetic medicine specialists. We have performed countless dermal filler procedures, and have the experience needed to make sure nothing goes wrong. However, if for some reason their is an issue, we can easily remove the dermal filler to alleviate any problem. If you are interested in getting dermal filler injections, contact San Diego Cosmetic Laser today. Give us a call at (855) 661-4229.