Latisse Treatment In San Diego

If you have been suffering from sparse, thin eyelashes, Latisse may be the right treatment for you. As the first FDA-approved prescription treatment for eyelash hypotrichosis, Latisse can give your eyelashes the volume and length you’ve wanted. Clinical studies have shown that Latisse can make a noticeable difference in your eyelash density and size in as little as four weeks.

Latisse Application

Latisse is applied through a simple process of brushing along your upper eyelid and down through your lashes. This application infuses your lashes with a compound called Bimatofrost, which stimulates growth in the lashes, helping them grow thicker, longer and darker. By helping your lashes reach their fullest potential, Latisse can bring out the best in your eyes.

Latisse Clinical Results 

In a widespread clinical trial with more than 278 participants ranging from ages 22 to 78, Latisse was shown to have a marked impact on their eyelashes, leaving them darker, thicker and longer. The 278 participants in the study were divided into two groups, with 137 receiving Latisse and 141 taking a placebo. Of the 137 who received the treatment, 107 reported an improvement in the quality of their eyelashes.

It is important to note that these results did not happen overnight. The results from the study developed over a period of 16 weeks, with gradual improvement taking place over the course of the entire study. By week four, some participants had already begun to see an improvement in the length of their lashes, but by week eight, most of the participants found a noticeable improvement in their eyelashes’ fullness and darkness. At week 12, the participants noted enhanced results from their treatment, culminating in full and dramatic results by the end of the trial at week 16.

Latisse Side Effects

Latisse may have side effects, most commonly leaving a slight itching around the eyelids as a result of the application. Other possibilities include red eyes, a darkening of the irises and a darkening of the skin around the eyelids. Since Latisse increases pigment in the skin in the same way it affects the eyelashes, some people may find a slight discoloration around the eye. However, the darkened skin is expected to return to normal over the course of a few weeks after finishing treatment.

While taking Latisse, if you develop a new eye condition, undergo any eye trauma, surgery, or suffer a sudden loss in visual acuity, it is very important that you contact your doctor right away concerning your continued use of Latisse.

Is Latisse Right For You?

If you think that Latisse could be right for you, contact San Diego Cosmetic Laser to schedule your free consultation. Dr. Mani will be happy to arrange a time to take a look at your eyelashes and discuss the right treatment for you.

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