How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Keep You Hair-Free?

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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Keep You Hair-Free?

If you’ve been shaving, plucking or waxing unwanted hair for a long time, it’s easy to envision that this arduous process will be a lifelong chore. It need not be. Laser hair removal is a better method of hair removal as it will reduce, stunt the growth of or completely eliminate problem hairs.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a method of removing unwanted hair from the skin through the destruction of hair follicles by the use of laser light pulses. A laser beam is directed at a single hair follicle and the laser’s intensive heat will leave the hair follicle damaged to stop further hair growth. While laser hair removal does not guarantee total and permanent hair elimination with the first treatment, after several treatments of laser hair removal you will enjoy a prolonged period of being hair-free.

How long should you expect to be hair-free?

The length of time you will be hair-free depends on the individual and certain factors, however, six to eight weeks is a general guideline for most patients. Here are two important factors that affect the results of the treatment on an individual basis:

  • Skin and hair type: Your treatment results will be highly dependent on your skin and hair types. Darker hairs, or those with high melanin pigment levels, are removed more effectively through laser hair removal.
  • Hair growth rate: The success rate of laser hair removal treatments and the length of time that you remain hair-free will be highly influenced by your body’s hair growth rate. There are three stages in hair growth cycles: anagen, catagen, and telogen which represent the stages of growth, transition, and rest, respectively. As not all hairs will be at the same stage of growth at any one time, a single treatment will not be as effective as multiple treatments. Several cycles will be needed to catch all hair follicles at the best stage for destruction by laser hair removal. The fact that the duration of these growth stages is different from person to person means that treatment, its regularity, and duration will differ from one patient to another. These stages can also be affected by age, hair color, genetics and current health condition.

While there are all manner of hair removal products on the market promising amazing and permanent results, you will be better served if you seek the opinion of a licensed laser hair removal professional like Dr. Parvin Mani at San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic.

In a free consultation with Dr. Mani about your body hair, which part of your body is being treated, and your hair’s growth rate, you can determine if laser hair removal is right for you.