How to Get the Most out of Laser Hair Removal

  1. Laser Hair Removal

Ways to get the most out of a Laser Hair Removal treatment.

Laser hair removal treatment can be a lot less work for removing irritable or unsightly hairs on the body and can help build confidence. A laser removes hair with a pulsating light that targets, breaks down, and destroys melanin (the dark pigment) in hair, which leads the hair to fall out and possibly never grow back. The standing issue with this is that the lasers will tar- get the melanin in the skin as well, which could lead to discoloration of the skin if not treated properly by a professional.

Hair Growth Stages
As laser hair removal targets hair in the growth stage, it is important to be aware of these three stages of hair growth before treatment:

  • The Growth Stage
  • The Resting Stage
  • The Shedding Stage

These three stages are what potential client should become familiar with when considering laser removal for an area on their body. Typically the hair reaches its Shedding Stage within ten to fourteen days after treatment, at which point the hair will fall out and wash off.

To prepare for laser treatment, a client will likely be asked to shave the area the day-of or the day before. Shaving dates normally take place after the laser or pulse is chosen for treatment. Shaving beforehand should be discussed with an aesthetician because shaving too early could result in being turned away. Limit any urges to pluck, wax, or use electrolysis practices for six weeks before a treatment to ensure that the bothersome hairs can be treated and removed. Avoid sun exposure at least six weeks before and after laser hair removal treatment, as it can complicate the process.

Pain Factor

Given that laser hair removal is removing hair from the body, there will be some pain involved. Many people compare the feeling of laser hair removal to a rubber band being slapped on the skin, depending on the laser being used. Certain areas may be more sensitive due to nerve endings. Some advice that could be useful is to take ibuprofen before a treatment or even numbing the skin. There are a number of creams and sprays that can provide numbness to combat any possible pain during and after treatment.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
The benefits of laser hair removal are as follows:

Speed – Smaller areas of hair removal can take minutes, whereas larger areas such as legs and backs can take up to an hour. When figuring how long it may take for plucking or waxing, the laser hair removal procedure is very quick and effective.

Precision – A laser hair removal can focus on small areas that can be very problematic to manage hair removal.

Predictable – Up to ninety percent of laser hair removal procedures result in permanent hair removal after four to five procedures.

After laser hair removal treatment, you may be given some creams or ice packs to help soothe the areas that were worked on. The feeling is similar to a sunburn, as redness and burning sensations may occur afterward. A client may even have to wear sunscreen to protect them from the sun if treatment is required in the near future. Blisters can occur on darker complexions but are very rare.

Since the technical aspects of hair removal and laser technology have been laid out, there’s absolutely no reason to avoid a visit to San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic. Our professional staff will gladly remove a temporary hair problem permanently.

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