How to Reduce Your Double Chin with Kybella

Are you troubled about the appearance of your double chin? You’re not alone. For the majority of people, having a “double chin” is one of the most frequent and common personal appearance complaints. As human beings age, our faces appear to become heavier. Double chins are not necessarily a sign of aging, however most people feel that a double chin makes them look older.

Can you reduce the fat in your chin and neck through diet and exercise?

Diet and exercise are the most appropriate and effective tools for weight loss; unfortunately, these two activities are not capable of spot-reducing fat. Typically when people lose weight through dieting and exercise, it produces a uniform fat loss across the entire body, but it can be difficult to target the fat below the chin.

Thank goodness for the discovery of Kybella, as it is efficient and capable of removing the fat stored below the jawline. It shapes, sculpts, and redefines the neck, resulting in a slimmer and more attractive appearance in general. Thus, it is ideal for individuals who have attained their goal weights but are still plagued with the common dilemma of a double chin.

Why Kybella?

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals created Kybella and the product is approved by the FDA in its use for reduction of fat beneath the chin or upper-neck fat.  This is the first FDA-approved non-surgical treatment of its type. Additionally, it is capable of reducing the overall appearance of neck fullness and can also improve the jawline. The Kybella treatment involves a sequence of injections that are spaced about one month apart.

Kybella consists of deoxycholic acid and functions by disturbing and disrupting the cell membrane of adipose tissue (body fat). When the series of injections are administered, there is an increase in collagen and an improvement in laxity is observed. The treatment also improves the appearance of fine lines in the treated areas.

Kybella is an ideal treatment for anyone looking for a safe, non-surgical process to reduce the appearance of their double chin.

Minimal risk and down time

The Kybella treatment is non-surgical. Thus, there is minimal risk and no downtime associated with this treatment. The molecules in Kybella that dissolve fat are chemically matched and identical to the molecules naturally produced by the human body, known as the deoxycholic acid.

Expectations of Kybella injections

Most people that have used this treatment experience some bruising around the injection area, after their Kybella procedure has been performed. This bruising is normal and expected, and the bruises subside naturally. As this is a non-surgical procedure, you can return to your normal duties and activities immediately. Visible improvements can typically be seen within seven days of the first Kybella treatment, and further changes will occur progressively as the series of Kybella injections are completed.

Kybella Treatment in San Diego

If you are concerned about the appearance of your double chin, we invite you to consult Dr. Parvin Mani at San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic about the Kybella treatment and our other services. We offer free consultations and some of the most affordable prices in San Diego.