Labiaplasty and Pregnancy

A laser labiaplasty is a very popular procedure to reduce the appearance of the labia, resulting in increased comfort and confidence. During pregnancy, along with the myriad of other changes to the hormones and appearance of a woman’s body, the appearance of the labia may change. So is it safe to get a labiaplasty before, during or after pregnancy?

Can I Do Labiaplasty While I Am Pregnant?

  • A labiaplasty should be avoided while you are pregnant.
    There are a variety of reasons why, but here are the three most important reasons. A Labiaplasty Requires General Anesthesia A labiaplasty can sometimes require general anesthesia, putting you under for the entirety of the procedure. It should go without saying that general anesthesia should be avoided while pregnant.
  • Your Labia Will Change During Pregnancy
    A second reason is that the extreme hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can cause the labia to swell, and after pregnancy the labia can shrink in size. Therefore, even if you were not happy with the appearance of your labia before pregnancy, you should wait until after you give birth to undergo the procedure.
  • Childbirth Can Change Your Labia
    The actual act of childbirth can change the appearance of your labia. During childbirth, your labia can tear or become enlarged, so any procedure should wait until after childbirth.

Can I Do Labiaplasty Before Pregnancy?

If you plan on being pregnant in the future, it is generally advised to avoid a labiaplasty. There is no real safety reason for avoiding a labiaplasty before pregnancy, but rather it is to avoid having to get the procedure twice. As stated above, the appearance of the labia may change drastically during pregnancy and childbirth, so we suggest waiting until after you are done having children to have a labiaplasty.

Can I Do Labiaplasty After Pregnancy?

After pregnancy, there is nothing to stop you from labiaplasty, especially if you do not plan on having any additional children in the future. However, every case is different and you should make sure to consult an expert before going through with the procedure.

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