Permanent Leg Hair Removal San Diego

Laser hair removal is quickly becoming one of the fastest and easiest ways to eliminate leg hair permanently. Women who are tired of shaving and otherwise trying to keep up with leg hair that regrows quickly are choosing permanent leg hair removal to simplify their morning routines and always feel confident in their favorite dresses, skirts and swimwear.

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How it Works

Laser leg hair removal is a simple, pain-free process that you can have done over the course of several treatments. The lasers target hair follicles just beneath the skin, heating them and preventing them from regrowing hair in the future.

This is what makes this treatment permanent, while other methods – such as waxing – simply rip out the hair, which will eventually grow back.

The laser can quickly treat the entire area of your legs, usually in less than an hour. To achieve permanent results, you will need to repeat your treatments four to eight times, with about six weeks of time passing between each.

What to Expect

The laser leg hair removal process is fast and simple, and you can return to work immediately after you are done. The laser does create a warm sensation that may last for a couple of hours following treatment. Most people do not need any kind of anesthetic during the treatment, but some women choose to use a topical anesthetic on sensitive areas near the bikini line.

After your treatment is complete at San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we will give you information about protecting your legs from sunburns and which moisturizers to use to keep your skin healthy during the healing process.

Cost of Laser Leg Hair Removal 

Service type:One session:Four-session package:
Full legs$299$940 ($235 per session)
Upper legs$199$664 ($166 per sesssion)
Lower legs$185$596 ($185 per session)

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