Signs You May Need Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

  1. Vaginal Recostructive Surgery

Tell-tale signs that a Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery may be in your future

With years of wear and aging, the human body undergoes changes that alter its appearance and functions. This is especially true for a vagina post childbirth, as many women experience laxity of the vaginal muscles and a decrease in sensation. These results can also be caused by aging and everyday life. Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery can help to tighten and reverse these effects.


What’s Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery?

Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery (or Vaginal Rejuvenation) is the act of a non-reconstructive vaginoplasty in which muscle tone and desired aesthetic of the vagina is restored to what it used to be (or in some cases the vagina’s potential and what it can be). This process is done by the removal of external tissue and the tightening of the external supportive structure of the vulvovaginal complex. Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery could also be needed if severe trauma was involved during pregnancy, causing damage to the vagina.

Forms of Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

There are many different Vaginal Reconstructive Surgeries that can take place on a given area. Areas of focus can be:

  • Labioplasty – A labioplasty is the vaginoplastic surgery for reducing the size of the labia. This can range from the majora or minora, which can be any of the four folds of the vulva. It can be done as a discreet surgery or as a procedure in a vaginoplasty.
  • Hoodectomy – This is where skin is removed from the hood of the clitoris. Although it may sound painful, it actually trims some of the skin that may prevent climax for some women.
  • Labia Enhancement – As opposed to having labia reduced, fat from other areas of the body are actually injected into the labia making the area fuller.
  • Hymenoplasty – This could be more common in Muslim culture, but this procedure actually sutures the hymen tissue together that is also labeled as “revirgination”.

Benefits of Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

There are plenty of reasons for surgery that go further than an increase in self-esteem and confidence. A Vaginoplasty (the most common vaginal surgery) actually brings the walls of the vagina closer together, which might have been stretched during childbirth. This form of surgery is not only great for self-confidence, but it also allows closeness for couples or relationships in the future. The renewed firmness of the vaginal opening can enhance pleasure during intimacy for both partners.

Where to Go Now?

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