Understanding the Cosmelan Peel For Brighter and More Youthful Skin

The Cosmelan Facial Peel is an incredible new treatment that helps people who are tired of uneven skin and hyperpigmentation. It can be used effectively to reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by the sun, acne and aging. It can also help reverse the effects of hormonal changes on the skin.

How it Works

Cosmelan comes in a convenient mask form that is applied on top of your skin. It contains a variety of depigmentation ingredients that work together to slow down the production of melanin in the skin and undo the appearance of dark spots. Specifically, it is used to block tyrosinase, which is responsible for melanin production.

The Process

First, you will consult with a skin care professional about the different types of chemical peels available to you. There are many popular chemical peels on the market, but they all work a little bit differently on your skin. The Cosmelan chemical facial peel is specifically meant for people with dark spots, where other chemical peels are designed to treat other skin conditions.
If you and your doctor decide that you are good candidate for Cosmelan, then you will begin the chemical peel process with the Step 1 serum. This part of the procedure is done at your skin care facility under the supervision of your skin care professional. The mask is applied to your face and left on for six to eight hours depending on the depth of your dark spots. Then it is gently cleaned away.
You will be sent home with Step 2, which is an at-home maintenance mask that you will apply each day on your own. You will continue to apply Cosmelan 2 for several weeks after your chemical peel as your skin recovers from the process. Your first day home you may notice that your skin is a little bit red. By the second or third day you will begin to actually see the peeling process in action, usually starting around your mouth and moving outwards until you have a whole new skin.

What Kind of Results Will I See?

Most patients begin to see results from their Cosmelan procedure within one week. Your skin will continue to regenerate for several weeks following the mask treatment, and the dark spots will continue to improve in appearance. By two to three weeks you should be seeing brighter, younger skin that will last. Please note that people with darker skin tones tend to take a little longer to see improvements than those with lighter skin tones.

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