What Are the Best Skin Rejuvenation Procedures for Winter?

After a summer of warm-weather fun, cold winter days can feel like a letdown. However, this is the best time of year to go through your skin rejuvenation wish list and schedule your must-have procedures. Snug scarves, cozy sweaters, and comfy turtlenecks are perfect for keeping your treatments private, and recovering is much simpler when you aren’t tempted to head for the beach. Staying home under a warm blanket is inviting when it’s cold outside, so you can look forward to a little quiet relaxation after receiving a treatment. These are a few of the best skin rejuvenation procedures to consider this winter:

Kybella Injection Treatments

As you age, the skin under your jaw can start to sag, and pockets of fat can lead to the appearance of a double chin. FDA-approved Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is injected directly into the fat pockets, where it works on breaking down the fat cells. Typically, achieving your desired look will take between two and six treatments, and there could be some swelling at the injection site. Fortunately, in the winter months your favorite scarves will cover most of the swelling, so you can maintain your privacy.

Ultherapy Treatments

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity. It may begin to stretch or sag, altering your appearance. For many years, the only option to correct this issue was a traditional surgical facelift. Today, Ultherapy treatments offer many of the same benefits without requiring you to undergo surgery. This treatment relies on ultrasound technology to stimulate the collagen-producing areas in your skin. Patients enjoy renewed firmness and overall younger-looking skin. You may experience some mild swelling, pain or irritation after the procedure, which makes curling up at home with a good book more attractive. The winter months are a great time to schedule your Ultherapy treatments.

Fraxel Laser Treatments

Whether you feel self-conscious about acne scars and discoloration or you want to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and large pores, Fraxel laser treatments offer an opportunity to help your skin look its best. The laser is non-invasive, and it is effective on all sorts of skin tones and skin types. Fraxel may sometimes cause mild side effects like redness and swelling, so winter gives you a great excuse to stay inside while you recover. More important, you shouldn’t expose recently treated skin to the sun, which is hard to do during the summer months.

Photorejuvenation Treatment

Sun spots (hyperpigmentation) and other signs of aging can make you less than happy with your appearance. Fortunately, Photorejuvenation treatments are a fast and easy way to repair visible damage. This treatment relies on Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to stimulate collagen production and remove discoloration. You must wear protective eyewear during this procedure, as the IPL technology can pose a danger to your vision. Side effects are typically quite mild and may include a bit of redness and irritation. Staying out of the sun is important, because your skin may be a bit sensitive after your treatment.

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