Where Botox Can Benefit the Face

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Botox Treatments

When Botox injections became commercially available in 2002, the world of cosmetic surgery changed forever. Instead of going under the knife for a facelift, patients could choose a relatively painless injection which delivered similar results. By 2013, Botox was the most requested cosmetic procedure in the United States.

Today, Botox remains extremely popular and affordable, with more than 4 million patients annually in the United States alone. The typical procedure lasts approximately 10 minutes and patients usually see results within the first 48 hours. The majority of patients seek Botox treatments for one of four areas on their faces.

Foreheadbotox treatment forehead

As you age, your forehead develops large horizontal wrinkles. The skin in your forehead loses elasticity over time, and the skin cannot maintain its youthful flexibility. Eventually, the skin creates horizontal lines across your forehead. These forehead lines can make patients feel self-conscious about their faces, especially when the lines are very pronounced.

A series of carefully placed injections in the forehead can erase the wrinkles and take years off of your face’s appearance. The treatment weakens the muscles underneath the skin, so the muscles no longer move your skin, and the wrinkles vanish.

The same procedure can be used to get rid of the frown lines between your eyes, at the top of your nose. Years of repeated facial expressions and movement in the face can create deep furrows in the center of your face. Not only does a Botox injection remove the lines to make you appear younger, it opens your face to make you look more inviting.

MouthBotox Treatment Mouth

Just as frown lines can form above your nose or on your forehead, your smile can develop a permanent sneer as you get older. The muscles at the corners of your mouth are no longer strong enough to keep the skin around your mouth in its proper place, so your face appears to have a sour expression when at rest.

Injections at the corners of your mouth can create a smile lift. Your muscles will stop pulling down on the skin around your mouth, so the skin can bounce back into its intended position.

Another commonly reported problem is the gummy smile. This is a situation where your upper lip moves too high when you smile, revealing more of your upper gums than you would like.

A small amount of Botox will relax the muscles around the mouth, particularly the elevator muscle near the base of the nose. After the injection, the muscle will not pull the upper lip as high when you smile.

EyesBotox Treatment Eyes

Crow’s feet are usually a patient’s first sign of aging. The lines show up at the corner of your eyes as early as your mid-30s, and they only grow more noticeable with time. It feels like everything you do, from smiling to drinking to spending time in the sun, makes your crow’s feet even worse.

Injections around the eyes relax the large ocularis orbis muscles, which are responsible for the skin around the eyes. With the muscles less tense, the skin can overcome the loss of collagen and return to a smooth appearance.

EyebrowsBotox treatment Eyebrows

Eyebrow droop occurs as the collagen in your skin begins to break down with age. As the condition becomes more pronounced, the drooping can affect your field of vision and make you look tired all day long.

An eyebrow lift with Botox is a cheaper and safer alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery. By targeting specific muscles across the brow, a doctor can shape the underlying anatomy of your face into a lifted position. Eyebrow shaping is quickly becoming one of the more sought after Botox procedures, even for those who do not want Botox in other areas. Shaping the eyebrows with this procedure creates a semi-permanent arch on the brow that is aesthetically pleasing.

Modern cosmetic procedures make it possible to defy the effects of aging and look your best. A treatment is more affordable than you might think, but the positive impact a youthful appearance has on your attitude and outlook on life is worth every penny.

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